3 Most Popular Paintball Venues


Paintball, which is a concept that began a few decades ago, has now grown into one of the most favorite past time activities for any season. However, most paintball fields are a big letdown. They are usually a collection of old shipping containers and worn out tires stacked in an otherwise empty field. However, there are some cool paintball fields out there that deserve a special mention.

Towers of Power

Popular Paintball Venues

Spaltbrothers offer some of the best paintball venues in Virginia. However, their Towers of Power field is a real marvel. If one lives in Virginia, this is one of the best paintball fields to visit. Firstly, the safety of visitors is given priority. As a result, no one can step into the field without the right gear. The field has all the right equipment for this purpose.

The field is the size of two football fields. As a result, there is more than enough room to run around and do whatever one wishes. It is an unforgettable experience. The field has a number of towers with the central one being at the middle. In addition, there are a series of complex tunnels through which one can access this tower. The complexity of the field puts it in a class of its own. Players have plenty of hiding options and vantage points from which to see their opponents.

Town of Bedlam

Popular Paintball Venues

The field is owned and managed by CPS Sports. The field located in Illinois is modeled after an entire town. The theme is quite clear. A curfew is imposed by the police but they have no way to enforce it. As a result, it is a fight that lasts all day. The weapons of choice are paintball guns and if you need one of those I recommend you checkout this article for a better idea of the best paintball guns.
The town gives one a feeling like they were in the 1950s.

There are real buildings, shops, and even a City Hall. The game is quite fun. It is an experience that a family would love. In addition, signing up for the field is quite easy. Through their interactive website, one can learn everything they want to know beforehand. The field is quite professionally managed. As a result, issues of safety should not be of concern to visitors.

Hollywood Sports

Popular Paintball Venues

This facility cost millions of dollars to set up. As a result, one can expect one of the bet paintball experiences in the world. In fact, it is the gold standard of paintball. The arena attracts some of the world’s top entertainers such as David Beckham. There are a lot of themes in this 28-acre facility. It is one of the finest facilities on earth for professionals and amateurs.

It offers a number of options such as zombie themed birthday parties. Players are given an option to save themselves as they are attacked by zombies while sparring with an opposing team. It is a world-class facility that would be worth a visit.


Paintball is a great way for the family and friends to bond. In addition, it helps one to experience a thrill like they have never felt before. Best of all, the best facilities in the world do not require one to have any prior experience.

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